SEPT 16-18, 2021

Two Events In One!

Welcome to the home of the Puppeteers of America Southwest Regional Puppetry Festival held in conjunction with the 42nd Annual Houston Puppet festival!

The Puppeteers of America Southwest Regional Puppet Festival is a two-day event on Friday, September 17 and Saturday, September 18 from 8:30 AM to 6:00 PM.

The 42nd Annual Houston Puppet Festival is a one-day event on Saturday, September 18 from 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM.

Our leadership and volunteers are working hard to ensure that you will have a meaningful and memorable experience


We have some world-class performers lined up for your entertainment. You will also have opportunities to perform at our Thursday evening Open Mic Puppet Slam. Bring a puppet and share a 5-10 minute performance with your biggest fans — Us!


We have many workshops already planned and more in the works. Ten participants will be able to participate in a workshop where you build a professional-grade Muppet-style puppet (there is an extra fee for this due to material costs).

Puppet Store

We will have new and used puppets available for sale along with books, stages, and all sorts of useful odds and ends. If you have puppets or puppetry items that you’d like to include in the store, please contact us.

Food and Drinks

Details about meals will be posted as they become available.

Marionettes ~ Hand Puppets ~ Body Puppets ~ Shadow Puppets ~ Ventriloquism

Registration is open!